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Stay up to date with my sidebar system tool

Due to the fact i am not uploading every update at Armaholic you´re able to install a small system tool i made for the windows sidebar. Just simply download and install the file below. So now just press the "exe" button. The tool links you directly to this download section where newer mission files could be uploaded. That´s it!

check for mission updates.rar
Komprimiertes Dateiarchiv 7.2 KB


- clear the island of enemy infantry, ground and air forces


- resolve main targets


- resolve sidemissions to receive extra firepower


I. [Altis] TAC-OPS II.IXe Final Domination mission file

Komprimiertes Dateiarchiv 2.8 MB

I. [Stratis] TAC-OPS II.IXe Final Domination mission file

Komprimiertes Dateiarchiv 3.3 MB

I. [Altis] TAC-OPS II.IXe Final Domination F/A-18X mission file

Komprimiertes Dateiarchiv 2.6 MB

II. TAC-OPS Mod Pack 1.1

click at picture for redirecting

II. F/A-18X Black WASP

You have to install the F/A-18X BLACK WASP Addon cumulative if you want to play the [Altis] TAC-OPS II.IXe Final Domination F/A-18X mission


[Altis] TAC-OPS Domination normal and F/A-18X Service Update 01/11/2014


- Template Beerkan FARP Design 2.0 added to chopper service point. A forward arming and refueling point.

- Template NATO Plane Crash Clean Up / Salvage Site added to base. All vehicles and soldiers replaced with TAC-OPS units except two trucks which are not available TAC-OPS skinned.

- sidebar system tool "check for mission updates" design changed to II.IXe Final TAC-OPS Domination F/A-18X


[Altis] TAC-OPS Domination F/A-18X Hotfix


- added new F/A-18X mission overview picture

added new F/A-18X mission overview description text

- added new F/A-18X mission preload picture

- added in-mission F/A-18X arming loadout picture


[Altis] TAC-OPS Domination F/A-18X 


- initial release [Altis] TAC-OPS Domination F/A-18X. This is the same mission but with the new F/A-18X made by John Spartan and Saul. The plane can be found at position marked "TAC-OPS Fighter Wing"


[Altis] TAC-OPS Domination Service Update 24/10/2014


- Pre-setting switched to ranked mode to avoid always lowskill players / noobs connect for two minutes use tanks and put them somewhere in the wasteland so nobody can find and use them anymore


[Altis] TAC-OPS Domination Service Update 28/07/2014


- Tempest Trucks available again

- some radio chat sound triggers replaced

- some Domination start parameters changed

- all damaged vehicles in base removed and replaced with undamaged ones

- lots of small fixes and improvements


[Altis] TAC-OPS Domination Service Update 04/07/2014


- fixed currently there was a problem with spawning Radiotower and camps resulting from the latest update. Tempest trucks temporarily removed again


- secondary main target mission ammo truck and medic vehicle now Tempest variants and "request artillery on this target" sound +2db


- VAS 2.6 added and most of the weapons and magazines in the x_weaponcargo script deactivated since i guess this sometimes shown message "no entry/config.cfgmagazines" could be resulting from activated magazines in this script so maybe it could be fixed now.


[Altis] and [Stratis] TAC-OPS Domination Service Update 27/06/2014


- [Stratis] fixed MHQ camonets won´t spawn when deploying MHQ

- [Stratis] fixed MQ4A removed, sometimes detonated when starting engine


- [Altis] new content added CSAT spawning units Tempest truck variants

- [Altis] new content added CSAT spawning units Spec-Ops urban camouflage


- [Altis] added support modules and synchronized with both Artillery Operators. To activate use command 0-8. The support aircrafts and helicopters are currently TAC-OPS frost camo skinned but will be changed to the new NAVY - Blue skin upcoming with the rollout of TAC-OPS Mod 1.2. 


- [Altis] added some more new radio chat / message sounds. New sounds not synchronized with any scripts like call artillery or new target, just simply walk around at base and especially near the toilets to catch them. 


[Altis] TAC-OPS Domination Hotfix 4:


- fixed a drag down fps major bug if ramdomly generated spawning enemy units at main targets spawn cumulative with the max. amount of spawning units the script allows due to my settings the frames per second drag down especially in the area at and near the main targets very high.


[Altis] TAC-OPS Domination Hotfix 3:


- fixed the both new XVEC´s Striders weren´t liftable

- fixed the one new MHQ Prime Mover can´t load an ammobox

- fixed air drop Striders disappear into the ground 

- fixed error message missing sound "incomingchallenge2"

- radio chat "new sidemission available" sound changed to better one


[Altis] TAC-OPS Domination Hotfix 2:


- fixed forget to add TAC-OPS Orca/Dark Horse to mt_bonus_vehicle_array

- fixed forget to add TAC-OPS Re-Fueler and Prime Mover to the lift array

- fixed four trucks changed because they were to high and crash the camonets

- fixed forget to change recruitable ai from vanilla to TAC-OPS

- Domination Parameters airtaxi pre-activated. Could be useful on Altis

- radio chat "request artillery on this target" sound changed to better one 

- radio chat "new main target available" sound changed to better one

- intro music cross fade out new sampled


[Altis] TAC-OPS Domination Hotfix:


- fixed forget two markers

- fixed dropable TAC-OPS RCWS lands always on his gun

- air cargo transport chopper now TAC-OPS Lionheart instead Blufor vanilla before

- some minor initial release errors fixed


II.IXe Release Final TAC-OPS Domination [Altis]


- initial release II.IXe Final TAC-OPS Domination [Altis]