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III. King Tiger Modification

Company of Heroes 2 Kampfwertsteigerung: King Tiger Modification by Armastudio 3.0

The primary target of this Mod is a better damage system especially of tanks and the secondary target a nearly perfect working Mod without any errors in any form.

Furthermore focussed is a better performing Tiger I compared to a Panther. This results from the K/D ratio of Panthers and Tigers. 


The King Tiger Modification is designed for an asymmetrical balance. German troops get a very hard early and mid game due to facts like even the gun performance of cheap and early buildable tanks as Sherman or T-34/76 are improved or US Forces are able to built very good Ranger or Cavalry Rifleman units from the beginning. During late game Axis forces are excellent as a result of their very good performing heavy tanks. 

Planned and in progress is of course much more...

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." - Winston Churchill

It is highly recommended to combine this Mod with the King Tiger Modification Stealth gamemode for a realistic gameplay look:

Mod Team:

[Projekt KT-Mod] developer and project leader

[Projekt KT-Mod] the_riverdog, Hausser, adri4live, Ultron, El gringo, Rofl23, Nothin Falcon, Reinhardt, spieler, sigma 20, Death Sentence, Field Marshal Rommel: internal test team for updates and patches

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